Tooth First aid

New Patients:

We always strive to care for emergencies that occur during office hours on the same day. If you are in extreme pain, we will do our best to see you, on most occasions, the same day that you call. Patients who are in pain will be worked into our schedule as an emergency patient that very day and will be seen, as soon as possible. We will make every effort to relieve your pain through emergency treatment, and then schedule you for the necessary follow-ups. Should an emergency occur after hours, please call our office at 410-772-9600 to discuss your situation with the doctor on call.

Current Patients:

While flare-ups are rare, they may occur in about 5% of the cases and cause significant pain.  They mostly occur with teeth that are extremely irritated and/or infected. Sometimes these may occur randomly, even on patients that have had root canals done in the past without problems.  If you have a flare-up you may experience moderate to severe pain, swelling, throbbing or general discomfort, please contact our office.  You may be prescribed additional medication such as antibiotics and/or you may be asked to come to the office for further treatment.  Should you experience any of these symptoms, please contact the office, even after hours, at 410-772-9600 to discuss your situation with the doctor on call.



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