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Endodontics is the dental specialty dealing with the treatment of problems related to the soft tissue located within the roots of a tooth.  Root canal specialists provide services that will allow you to maintain your teeth and possibly keep them for a lifetime.

Endodontists are dentists with special training in endodontic procedures. We do only endodontics in our practice because we are specialists. To become specialists, we completed dental school and an additional two years of advanced training in endodontics. Endodontists are also experienced at finding the cause of oral and facial pain that has been difficult to diagnose.

Conventional Root Canal Treatment

Pulp is soft tissue made up of blood vessels and nerves. It is located inside the root canal of your tooth. The pulp helps your tooth grow, but it is not needed once your tooth is fully developed. If the pulp gets infected or irreversibly inflamed, it needs to be removed. This procedure is referred to as conventional root canal treatment.

Endodontic Retreatment

In some cases, a tooth that has received endodontic treatment fails to heal or remains painful. Occasionally, the tooth becomes painful or diseased months or even years after successful treatment. If your tooth has failed to heal or has developed new problems, you have a second chance. Another endodontic procedure may be able to save your tooth.

Endodontic Surgery

Occasionally, endodontic microsurgery is required when routine endodontic treatment does not result in healing.

When conventional root canal treatment cannot be done or has not been successful, a surgical root canal procedure may need to be performed. Surgery may be done to check the end of the root for cracks, to remove parts of the root that could not be removed during conventional root canal treatment, or to clear up an infection that has not healed after conventional treatment.

Tooth whitening

We offer bleaching of discolored teeth that will need or that have been previously treated by root canal therapy.  Usually this takes 2-3 visits to obtain optimum color change.

Anxiety Control 

Nitrous Oxide is available to reduce anxiety during your visit.  Additionally, we can prescribe a mild sedative for an anxious patient to take prior to their visit.



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