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Just had a root canal performed this morning by Dr. Fein.  So far, so good.  The procedure did not hurt at all and I’m not feeling any pain even 6 1/2 hours later.  His assistant as well as the front desk staff were very personable.  He explained each step as he went along and offered a booklet prior to the procedure (while waiting for the novocaine to take effect) that explains in great detail what was going to happen.  I only took one Aleve when I got home and am getting ready to go exercise in a bit.  I would definitely recommend this practice.

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My husband had pain on a tooth that was a support for a bridge. This rapidly became intense and caused severe swelling. Doctor Fein fit him into his schedule and performed a root canal through the crown.

Dr Fein, his assistant and his staff were excellent. He explained each step of the procedure before he performed that step and was very considerate of the fact that this was his first root canal. He took extra care not to crack the porcelain on the bridge (which was 40 years old). Within two weeks the swelling and discomfort were gone and I am hopeful no re-treatment will be necessary. Dr Fein will examine the tooth in 6 months to be sure everything is okay. My husband’s dentist had originally referred him to another endodontist but he was not able to be seen me for over a week. I found Dr. Fein on Angie’s List. My husban’s dentist remarked on the excellent job Dr. Fein had done when he went for the subsequent filling. My husband and I were extremely pleased with the entire experience.
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All I can say is unbelievably pleased! One day after my procedure I have no pain, no swelling, no discomfort despite Dr. Fein saying that it was likely that I would be sore and in minor pain for at least a few days. My case was particularly difficult due to highly curved root.

The procedure took almost 2 hours and I can honestly say it was essentially pain free. I have had other more routine dental work such as cavities or fillings replaced and those often hurt more than this root canal. I know it will sound corny, but I need to say it again. It was essentially pain free. The Novocain needle was more painful quite honestly. I know many people who have had bad experiences with a root canal procedure and its aftermath and I was really worried and nervous. But I can tell you, I am truly pleased, surprised and amazed. If I ever need a root canal again, I would not hesitate to drive as much as 2 hours just to have the procedure done by Dr. Fein. You would be wise to drive that far too if you had to.

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The purpose of my visit was to have a root canal on one tooth which had an existing crown. Dr. Fein and his assistant gave me an overview of the entire procedure and explained in detail as they performed the root canal.Dr. Fein,I am writing this to thank you for the wonderful treatment I received from you and your staff. I am very pleased with the procedure and the follow-up by your office.


My dentist recommended that I see Dr. Fein in Columbia.  I checked him out on Angie’s list first, then made an appointment.  The office staff was very accommodating in setting up an evaluation appointment promptly and to schedule the procedure to fit within my complicated travel schedule.

At both appointments, Dr. Fein and the staff were very professional.  They explained all procedures and expenses to me in advance.  I needed extra Novocain partway through the root canal and therefore took a bit longer than expected, but Dr. Fein was not at all impatient.  He wanted to make sure that I was comfortable throughout.  

The office was very clean and felt welcoming.  I hope I don’t need another root canal but if I do, I will certainly return to this office.


I had a root canal done on my back top molar; this tooth had previously been crowned.  Background: On a Friday, at 1:30pm, my regular dentist tells me that I need a Root Canal, and he doesn’t do them. I called this office, and I got an appointment for a consultation by 2:30, and they said were willing to stay late if needed to perform the work.

It went better than I excepted. The dentist was able to squeeze me. The work took about an hour, but the only pain I experienced was the Novocaine needle and some pain/stiffness from having my jaw open for so long. He had great bedside manner, encouraging me as we went along and often asking if I needed a break. He was very clear about the post-op procedures, and he started work on the report to give to my restorative dentist right away.  Note: I did see a dentist at this practice other than Dr.Fein


 I had an emergency root canal done, and I had not been seen by this office before.

The front desk staff were phenomenal. They needed to check with the doctors when the doctor got in, and so said they would call me back in 15 minutes when I called for an appointment. They actually called back, and in less than 10 minutes! They were able to fit me in right away due to a cancellation. Dr. Fein’s partner did the work, very professionally (although without much explanation), and fixed the problem. I also received an unsolicited check in the mail from them a few weeks later apparently because the co-pay I’d paid at the time of treatment had been in excess. Very pleased with their front desk and administrative service.


True professional. I went to Dr. Fein on a referral from my Family Dentist. I’m not going to say the root canal procedure was pain free, but it was the best that it could possibly be. Dr. Fein and his staff were great and highly professional. I had a bit of a complicated procedure in that my roots are abnormally long, but Dr. Fein made sure that everything was done 100% correctly. To respond to previous posters, his bedside manner was perfect. We had a bit of excitement right at the beginning of the procedure when a new patient showed up and demanded to see Dr. Fein immediately (and I mean DEMANDED). Dr. Fein waited until a natural stopping point in the procedure and calmly excused himself to talk to the new patient. He handled both situations (my root canal and the pushy patient) perfectly and it didn’t impact my visit at all. Overall, if I need endodontics performed again, I will definitely use Dr. Fein again. I highly recommend him.

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